15 Great Reasons

15 Great Reasons
To Get a Green Home Makeover
From Your Local Energy Consultant

1. Contact your Local Eco-Consultant, to schedule an appointment for them to come out to visit your home.

They have the tools and information necessary to move you and your family towards a healthier, greener life.

Get a Green Home Makeover and save thousands!

Energy and Water Savings

2. Save over $3,500 on your electric bill over the life of your first set of energy efficient bulbs by replacing your old light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs of every shape from candelabras to reflectors and even dimmable.

3. Save $8,000 and 300,000 gallons of water over 7 years with a bathroom water conservation kit.

4. Save 9% on your electric bill by eliminating Phantom Power loss.

5. Learn dozens of free and low cost ways to save energy, which you can implement immediately such as how to use your oven, dryer and fridge in the most efficient ways.

6. Save 8% of the energy to heat your water and reduce your family’s carbon emissions by 1,000 lbs a year with a few simple changes to your hot water heater.

Indoor Air Quality, Toxic-Free Living and Water Purity

7. Improve your Indoor Air Quality with (no cost) changes in behavior combined with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) cleaner and more effective furnace and a/c filters.

8. Create a less toxic indoor environment for your children and pets. Learn to avoid Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and the benefits of non-toxic household cleaners like Green Irene’s vinegar-based line.

9. Understand your household water filtering options from countertop-based 10-stage filtration to chlorine-removing shower filters to whole house reverse osmosis systems and banish bottled water from your home.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

10. Learn how to turn your food and yard waste (which account for 25% of all landfill contents) into nutrient-rich, non-polluting fertilizer for your houseplants and garden.

11. Save $1,000’s and keep hundreds of pounds of toxic battery waste from your local landfill and groundwater by giving up one-use batteries forever.

12. Eliminate 1,000’s of soda cans and bottles by making your own sparkling water and soda for pennies per quart.

13. Kick the paper towel habit saving both virgin forests and $100’s a year.

Family Carbon Footprint Reduction

14. Learn how to sourcegreen power” from non-polluting, renewable resources, often from your current utility.

Ongoing Support on Your Path to a Greener, More Sustainable Life

15. Unlimited support for three months from Green Irene’s member only database of green home solutions and our team of Green experts.