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About Fay B. Castro

Green trees, clear streams and deep forests are what I remember the most about my childhood.  Walking for hours through green fields and woods was an absolute incredible experience that allowed my imagination to soar. Listening to the bird’s sing their happy song and spot the occasional wild rabbit hop across my path to go hid in his burrow gave me life. No matter how I was feeling being among nature in its natural beauty made everything right with the world.
Life is truly amazing; help us preserve it in the way it was created.

I became a qualified energy consultant back in 2009. After receiving my Certification as an Energy Specialist with PG&E. (Pacific Gas & Electric Company) I decided to involve myself further by researching and writing the content on this website.

The reason behind this website is not to make you buy something, it’s to make people aware that there are alternatives products out there that don’t have to damage our environment or make you sick.

I’m sure you are like me, with you visiting this website, at some point in your life you have gone to your special place that exudes life back into your soul. A special place that takes your breath away and energizes life back into your very being. I want to preserve my happy place and the only way I know how to do that was by educating myself on ways to save energy, educate others and make people aware that there are alternatives out there that are natural and less harmful.

We feel strongly that each one of us can make a difference with simple changes in our lifestyle and habits to help Conserve Energy and help save our planet.

Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to living a more sustainably lifestyle, but most people do not want to make a hobby out of learning how to “Go Green.” Your local Eco-Consultant can take an active role in your local community’s efforts to become more sustainable. An Eco-Consultant has the tools needed to be a force for positive green change in your home life.

People have too many choices and not enough time to research green products. That’s why Ecology Green World, is always on the lookout for the best green products on the market today.

I want to assist you in whatever product, service or information you need, that will help Save our Environment.

Small changes can lead to bigger, permanent lifestyle changes.

Fay B. Castro, Energy Specialist Adviser

Rocklin, CA

Phone: 916-709-4935