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Definition of sustainable: Capable of being continued indefinitely

A process is considered sustainable when it ‘does not’ endanger the capability of future generations to employ the same process.

We’ll show you how you can help Prevent 4141 pounds of CO2 from
being emitted into our environment
Plus, help you… Save Money
in your Home and LIVE a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

It’s no secret that manufacturers are adding chemicals to products and they’re not listing them on the label. But, by being aware of the types of products you use in your home, and on your body, can mean the difference between you staying healthy, or becoming sick from toxic poisoning. Listed below and throughout this entire website, are alternative measures and products that you can use to protect yourself, and your family, from an environmental disease.

The average household spends $2,200.00 a year on Energy Costs. Nearly half goes to Heating and Cooling. I will show you ways to reduce that cost.

The typical American household has 27 electronic devices that are always ON! According to the Electric Power Research Institute.
In 2013, American generated about 254 million tons of residential trash.
Replacing just 10, 60 Watt light bulbs with a CFL bulb (with a 10,000-hour life) SAVES $735.75 over the life of the bulbs in energy costs. Imagine what replacing all your light bulbs in your home would save?


Energy Saving measures listed on this site will SAVE you hundreds, even thousands of dollars off your Energy Bills. This site explains Easy Steps to Conserve Energy in your Home. When you Reduce Energy, (a supply or source of an electrical, mechanical, or other forms of power) you will be implementing Savings. The End Result, MORE Money in your pocket and less CO2 Emissions in the Environment.



Your home draws its electricity from the utility company. The power company generates electricity by various methods.  Currently, the most common way in America is to burn coal to heat water in boiler tubes.  The water then becomes steam which is run through a steam turbine that drives a generator shaft which creates electricity.

The burning of carbon-based fuels results in raised concentrations of greenhouse gasses which increases the earth’s average temperature and destabilizes the weather patterns.  The single largest greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide.

Almost all the nation’s utility companies – gas, electric and phones – sponsor programs for low-income consumers that could cut rates by 20 percent or more. You don’t have to be destitute either. A temporary job loss can qualify you for some relief.


Incentives-Policies for Renewables & Efficiency


Free! Weatherization Programs Available Through Your Local Utility Companies.

Low-income customers only.

Check out the Resource Page for a list of Utility Companies offering Discounts.


Receive discounts if you are on:-

● Medi-Cal


● Food Stamps


● Healthy Families Category A & B



● NSL Free Lunch Program

● Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

● Head Start Income Eligible (Tribal Only)


Reduce your Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Help Save our Planet.

“Cash for caulkers” program.

President Obama has outlined the details of the “cash for caulkers” program.

The bill, officially known as the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act but better known as “cash for caulkers,” has been touted by President Obama since December as one of the signature pieces of his administration’s larger job-creation strategy.

With a price tag of about $6 billion, the program will provide incentives for folks to make their homes more energy efficient. Whether its new insulation, energy efficient windows (which I can tell you from personal experience can save you a small fortune in energy costs), or any other major or minor energy upgrade, the new program is designed to stimulate job growth and help consumers save a few bucks on energy costs.

The bill would fund rebates of as much as 50%, up to $3,000, for energy-saving efforts such as insulation improvements and the replacement of windows, doors, heating and cooling systems. The installations will have to be completed by qualified contractors.

Homeowners that choose to make improvements on their own will receive rebates of up to 50%, to a maximum of $250, on air sealing and insulation products.

The bill also includes reimbursements for those who conduct comprehensive energy audits and reduce their home’s total consumption. Homeowners who trim their energy usage by at least 20% can receive up to $8,000 in rebates.

Pelosi said that the bill will cut energy bills by up to $500 a year for some 3 million families.

The bill will also distribute $600 million to states for grants to help mobile homeowners replace pre-1976 models with energy-efficient ones.

There’s no doubt that improving efficiency is one of the easiest and quickest solutions to our energy woes. And I suspect there will be few political obstacles on this one.

But the very real benefits of energy savings could still make this program worthwhile.

Long-term economic sustainability depends on smart energy decisions today. Making our homes more energy efficient is definitely a step in the right direction.

SBI Energy states.


 Energy Home Audit focuses on these areas:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Shrinking your family’s carbon footprint
  • Green energy sources in your area (such as wind power)
  • Tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives
  • Safety and emergency preparedness

Energy Innovation. How Homes Become Green…


Q. What is an Energy Saving Program?

A. An educated “green” energy specialist will walk you through the interior and exterior of your home evaluating your energy consumption from electrical and gas appliances, plus your water usage. After the evaluation they will sit down with you and show you ways to cut back on your energy use. They will then schedule you an appointment with a licensed Contractor to install free infiltration measures.


When you conserve (to use something sparingly so as not to  exhaust supplies) it’s a win-win situation for all of us.


Help Reduce Global Warming.

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Fay B. Bolton

Certified Energy Consultant Advisor

Everyone’s talking GREEN! And what a wonderful word. (Advocating protection of the environment with politics supporting or promoting the protection of the environment.)


Don’t Just Panic, Go Organic…

North American produce typically travels a minimum of 1,500 miles.
Grapes can clock 2,143 miles cruising from vineyards in Napa Valley to supermarket aisles in Chicago, gobbling up barrels of crude oil and spewing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in their wake.

By buying your produce locally, whether it’s through the farmers’ market or a community-assisted agriculture program, you can reduce your “food miles.” Now that’s fresh.

By being aware of the types of products you use in your home and on your body can mean the difference of you staying healthy or becoming sick from toxic poisoning.

Detoxify your body from harmful chemicals the natural way.