Energy & Water Savings

Ways to Savings Water Energy

Although water seems to be everywhere on earth, only 1% is available for human consumption, and much of it is diverted for agriculture or industrial uses. How much water does your home use daily? The average American home uses around 400 gallons every day, which adds up to about $500 spent every year on water and sewer bills (assuming you don’t have large landscaping or pool water use). Wasted water also means energy consumption: heating water makes up about 12% of our home’s energy bills. With numbers like these, you can see how conserving water means significant savings for your family.

Outdoor Water Use

Where’s the best place to direct your water conservation efforts? Knowing how household water is used can help make sure that your reduction efforts have the biggest possible impact. For instance, outdoor water use is a full 30% of our homes’ water consumption, so our yards are an important part of any conservation efforts. The gallons add up quickly when we water our gardens and lawns, hose off driveways, sidewalks, and patios, or wash our cars.

Make sure you have a nozzle and an inexpensive mechanical timer on your outdoor hose. Consider a Rain Pillow or a Waterbroom if you face watering restrictions brought on by drought conditions.
There are so many free ways to save water in your yard including watering in the early morning hours (and skip windy days) to minimize evaporation and adjust your mower to allow longer grass (as it holds water better than a closely clipped lawn). Mulching slows down evaporation so spread a lot around trees and plants. Consider adding elements of xeriscaping by using native and drought resistant plants as you make changes to your landscaping.

Ways to Conserve on Water

Orbit Easy-Set Hose Faucet Water Timer

The Newest Water Conservation Products

Our research team is constantly on the lookout for innovative products to save money and resources, and our 500+ Eco-Consultants spot innovative solutions around the country. Here are a few of our latest water saving products available.

Instant-Off Water Saver

The Instant-Off Water Saver saves up to 10,000 gallons of water per year by eliminating the waste of unused running water. Easily installed in place of your current faucet aerator, it allows water to run only when you move the rod with your hand under the sink. It also reduces the spread of infection and simplifies sink use since there is no need to adjust the faucet handles once it’s set up. Every kid’s bathroom and office sink should have one.
For just $6.99, it’s like having a motion-sensing faucet.


Faucet Flow Control Valve

Faucet Flow Control Valve limits the amount of water that reaches your faucet to between 1.0 or 1.5 GPM (down from 2.2-5.0 for many faucets), saving both water and energy while allowing you to use any style of faucet! It’s an easy way to save up to 85% of the water used with your sinks, and is an ideal alternative when faucet aerators aren’t an option (for example when you have fancy faucets in unusual colors).


Toilet & Urinal 5-Second Leak Detector

Our toilet leak detector can diagnose leaks in 5 seconds in your home or office toilets lets (including tankless models and urinals found in offices). Applied to the inside of a toilet bowl or urinal, this blue liquid creates a immediate visual indicator if a leak exists in your bathroom fixtures, allowing you to make repairs and save up to 78,000 gallons of water per year (3 swimming pools) per fixture. Many leaks on old toilet flappers can’t be heard, but still waste tens of thousands of gallons if left untended.
Take a tour of your house through the year to see if the guest bathroom or the kid’s toilets are slowly leaking, costing you $100s. Product Cost: $11.00.