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Ecology Green World website is full of pages and posts containing information about Going Green and Saving Energy. Help Save our Environment and help yourself live a healthier lifestyle through knowledge and Green products available through this site, to use in your home or place of work.

15 Great Reasons: To Get a Green Home Makeover from Your Local Eco-Consultant

About Us: Bio on Fay B. Castro

Baby Care: Caring for your baby. General baby care information.

Chemicals: Toxin check list of harmful chemicals in your home.

Contact Us: Have a question, then please contact us.

Environmental Books: Resource for viewing Books on Amazon about environmental health.

Ecology Green: Information on ways to go Green and Save Energy.

Energy & Water: Water (and Money) Saving Ideas

Government: EPA Initiatives. Taking Action on Climate Change.

Green Home Tips: Tips on how to Green your home or office.

Green Products: Online Store for Environmentally friendly products.

Health Safety: General Information about a Variety of Products.

Home: Home page for Ecology Green World Website.

Natural: What is a Natural product?

Program: A list of Utility Programs available to Low-Income households.

Resource: A resource of information on various ‘Green’ and humanitarian topics.

Site Map: Lists all Website pages to view on the Ecology Green World website.

Summer Cooling tips: Tips on how to cool down your home effectively in the summer.

Things you Can Do: Helpful Tips to Save Energy Around the Home.

What is Energy?: A description of where does energy come from and how it’s used.

Windows: Learn about how much energy escapes through house windows.


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